Stephanie Lee

April 24th, 2010

Interview Questions

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[Sorry these are late, I thought Mohamed was going to post them)

1. How would you define masculinity?
2. How would you define aesthetics of masculinity (Physical features, clothing, etc)
3. What emotions would you consider masculine?
4. What emotions would you consider to be effeminate?
5. What would make a man effeminate?
6. Do you think you could tell a man’s sexuality just by appearance?
7. What physical or aesthetic features do you think gay man possess?
8. Does effeminate = gay? (i.e. Do you automatically assume a man that is effeminate is gay?)
9. What would your reaction be to a) being called gay insultingly b) being mistaken for being gay
10. Do you think being seen with an effeminate would make you appear effeminate by association?

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