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March 24th, 2010

Ethics for Project

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For any pictures that we will show the people we interview, we will have to obtain pictures that we are allowed to use. Any pictures we take, we will put a creative commons license on. I do not anticipate taking any pictures on the people we interview so I don’t think we will have to worry getting consent to use anyone’s image but we will if it becomes an issue. We will explain our project and what we are looking at to the people we interview before we interview them so they are fully aware of everything so they can properly agree to disagree to giving us an interview. We will respect everyone’s privacy, especially since we are dealing with sexuality which is a sensitive topic to most. It is important that they know we can hide their name if they wish so the connection cannot be made back to them, especially since we may be getting harsh reactions out of them. Lastly, we will try our best not to offend anyone for their ideas, opinions or views and try to depict their opinions without judgment.

March 24th, 2010

Visual Exploration

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This is a picture of a study I used to write my paper on a few semesters ago that I used to come up with the basis of my idea for this project. The paper was for a psychology class so it focused more on the psychology of this issue, but we will be focusing more on the sociological stand point. I referenced four studies for this paper and we will be looking at all of them.

Westboro Basptist Church protesting in Boston, MA

I chose this photo from the Westboro Baptist Church’s website because they are an extremely well known anti-gay church (their website is ‘God Hates Fags’ is one of their best know slogans and they use their religion to preach their hatred to homosexuals and all those that support or defend them. They are on the extreme end of the spectrum of attitudes towards homosexuals, but they are definitely worth noting.

March 19th, 2010

Midterm Exam Photos

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These photos supplement my midterm exam.

Harper’s BAZAAR Australia:

Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

Unretouched photo:

Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis


Crystal Renn by Norman Jean Roy

Crystal Renn by Norman Jean Roy

March 15th, 2010

Project Proposal

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I will be working with Mohamed for this project and we will be looking at men’s reactions to the threat of being called homosexual to their masculinity. We will be focusing on age groups 18-27, 28-37 and 38-50 and we will take ethnicity and religion into factor. We will be conducting interviews with photo elicitation.

We are curious to see the difference in reaction between the age groups towards the effect of homosexuality on their masculinity. We will ask them questions about the way homosexuality influences their own sense of masculinity (Whether or not being called ‘gay’ or mistaken for being gay offends their masculinity). Then we will show them photos of a wide range of men deviating from the heterosexual norm into the homosexual stereotype.

March 6th, 2010

Mini Fieldwork Experience

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I was the researcher first and I did the topic of necessary improvements on Queens College campus. It was a bit difficult coming up with questions to ask since everything depended on the initial question “What do you think is the biggest issue that needs to be improved on Queen College campus?” I made general questions like “Why do you think this is an issue?”, “How has this affected your life on campus?” and “What do you think should be done to help improve this?” The rest of the questions I asked, I had to come up with along the way which was a bit more difficult but made it feel more like a conversation than a very stiff, structured interview. I had a very difficult time keeping my own opinions, views, and knowledge out of the interview and I found myself talking as much as listening. I have to work on keeping my own views and opinions out of the interview because it can influence the participant.

Nalicia said that what needed the most improvement was the parking situation, a subject on which I feel very strongly (which only made it harder to try to keep my opinions to myself). We went to the nearest parking lot and saw the entire lot was full except for two spots and the only reason those spots were there was because it was 3 in the afternoon. If we had gone earlier, the lot would’ve been completely full. Nalicia explained that she never even bothered entering in the lottery for a parking pass because she’d heard from people that had the pass that spots were never guaranteed and she didn’t want to bother with that.

I disliked that I had to try and hold back what I wanted to say about the subject in order just to record what she was saying. It is very difficult to try and appear objective on something I feel strongly about.

When we switched roles and I was the participant, my answers to her questions were the opposite from Nalicia’s would have been, so our experiences were the opposite of each other’s when it came to dining on campus. I think it was useful in showing her another side of the campus that she hadn’t seen before, because she is used to seeing the Student Diner packed and buzzing with people, whereas I am used to going when it is much less crowded and almost dead. So that is where we went, as well as the lounge behind the diner and the little coffee stand nearby. All were conceivably empty which helped illustrate my point.

When I have to do this for my project or something else, I will try to refrain from too much friendly conversation before the interview in hopes to try and keep myself from feeling the need to add my input and opinions. If I have to do this again for real, next time I will also want to record the interview rather than try and write down notes as they speak (I found I can’t writer and walk very well at the same time).
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